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unum Cassette

unum Cassette

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unum: the Latin word for oneness, unity, a sense of being whole. The debut album of ĠENN is a hard-earned statement of evolution, woven from the band’s four distinct threads of influence and identity to reveal an arresting tapestry of ambition.
Collaboration with Chalkpit Cassette Club.
 days and nights
 a Muse (in limbo)

 le saut du pigeon
 a reprise (that girl)
  apparition no.7
  wild west
  the sister of
  the merchant of


© Liminal Collective / JLLS Music 2023 

All songs written and performed by ĠENN
Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing
Distributed by Republic of Music
Produced by Tom Hill, Daniel Fox and ĠENN
Mixed by Tom Hill
Saxophone by Oli Genn-Bash
Backing vocal on ‘a reprise (that girl)’ by John Henry Newton
Backing vocal on ‘rohmeresse’ by Alice Watts
Engineered by Tom Hill and Daniel Fox
Mastered by Katie Tavini at Weird Jungle
Artistic Direction and Layout by AJN AKKA
3D Model Design and Rendering by Marc Francis David (@marcfrancisprints93)
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